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What is hospice care?

In collaboration with MerrimackValleyHospice, our valued hospice provider, the Wellforce network of home health and hospice providers offer a comprehensive, holistic service for patients whose illness has progressed beyond a need or desire for curative treatments. Across Wellforce, there is recognition of the critical importance of end-of-life care as an essential component in the continuum of care – and in the lives of our patients and their families. Circle Home and Merrimack Valley Hospice are working in tandem and have combined hospice staff and resources into one agency to strengthen and enhance the services we provide.

Hospice care is highly specialized and focused on the patient's physical and emotional comfort as well as support for the family and other caregivers. It is designed to enable patients to live their remaining months with dignity in the place they call home, surrounded by the people and things they love. Hospice helps patients to achieve a peaceful life closure, aligned to their values, wishes and needs. Hospice neither hastens nor delays natural death.

Care is provided by a team of medical professionals: medical directors, nurses, social workers, spiritual coordinators, volunteers, home health aides and bereavement specialists and offered in a private residence, in a family member's home, in an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility, and at High Pointe House, the hospice and palliative care residence of Merrimack Valley Hospice.

Hospice care is highly personalized to the patient and family. Hospice staff members are guided by the patient's and family's goals as they plan for and provide care.  Patients often mention that they want to:

  • Be relieved of pain and distressing symptoms
  • Maintain their personal dignity
  • Feel the comfort of loved ones
  • Enjoy special moments
  • Finish something important
  • Achieve emotional and spiritual peace
  • Experience a sense of completion
  • Be assured that loved ones are supported
  • Say a graceful goodbye

With years of experience and expertise, Merrimack Valley Hospice can help to make sure these goals are realized.

Hospice services are usually covered by the patient's health insurance. We are able to directly bill Medicare, Medicaid, and many health insurance plans. In addition to care by the hospice team, hospice provides all medications and medical equipment and supplies related to the terminal illness. For uninsured patients, we offer a sliding scale payment plan, or we can provide care because of our community support. Our goal is that everyone who needs and wants hospice care will be able to receive it.

We have the time to talk with you about hospice. Call us with your questions or concerns - 978-552-4444, or email us at Info@homehealthfoundation.org