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What is private duty care?

Our private duty company, Commonwealth Nursing Services (CNS), provides care that is typically paid for and managed by the patient or family. See www.commonwealthnursing.org. Founded in 1993 in Lowell, CNS has maintained an outstanding reputation for integrity, quality and caring.

CNS staff provide the type of care that is not typically covered under the patient's Medicare or health insurance benefit: personal care, homemaking, and private duty nursing to fill an ongoing or temporary need. Sometimes families arrange for CNS care to supplement other in-home services, such as home health care or hospice care.

The CNS staff includes nurses, home health aides, and homemakers. Nurses perform an in-home assessment, develop a care plan and provide ongoing oversight. Home health aides assist with personal care. Homemakers can perform tasks such as light housekeeping, laundry, and grocery shopping.

Services can be arranged from two to 24 hours per day, and can be delivered to wherever the patient resides - at home, in a family member's home, or in a facility such as an assisted living or nursing center. CNS can provide care to patients of all ages. Since the patient or family pays for services, they determine the schedule and extent of services.

In some cases, CNS services are covered by the patient's long-term-care insurance benefit, Veterans benefit, Elder Services care, or other benefit programs. See www.benefits.gov for possible sources of assistance.

In addition to services for patients and families, CNS operates a Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide training program, approved by the Department of Public Health, consisting of 108 hours of clinical and classroom training. Successful completion of this program provides certification as a Home Health Aide, and graduates are prepared to take the Nursing Assistant certification exam.

For more information, contact CNS at 978-459-7771.